That's been a long long time ago

Sitting in my room and waiting for you
Yesterday you promised me today you'll come again
But now I'm waiting long and by myself I think
My love is really strong
What happens where are you
I'm lonely and I wait for you

Just now, I hear the frontdoor, some footsteps on the floor
My heartbeats gets crazy it's harder than a war
The door is gonna open, in comes a smiling girl
God, thank you, she's the gal, who will be mine sometimes

I got up and I kissed her and ask her where you've been so long
She told me: Hermann, don't worry 'bout that
But I'm not sure where I belong
I hoped and said please marry me
Be satisfied and follow me
Wherever I'll go

That's been a long long time ago
This story that I told before
She is my wife for many years
During that time flows lotta tears
But always we have found a way ...

My children say: Dad, you're the best
That makes me happy and I guess
It was the right way
It has come to a Happy-End


 If you ever did it

This is my story.
50 years ago,
when I was sixteen, my father threw me out.
But anyhow, listen and you will know what happend ...

I had a bad childhood, so I left my home.
Was going to the big town, where nobody is home.
I received bad jobs, but I felt free,
between rough men, who's playing the worst games.

After work we got drank under the sky,
the stars above and we got high.

If you ever did it, you wouldn't forget it,
'cause it makes a man out of you.

At end of a week I never had money.
Lost it all in the bar, where I had my honey.
She was a beauty but no more.
Too late I know, that she was a whore.

I stumbled back home so sad and alone.
Then what I called home, that was no home.

If you ever did it, you wouldn't forget it,
'cause it makes a man out of you.

Who's guilty, that I'm still alone.
I tried everything but have not got a home.
Have I done something wrong?
Perhaps death will give me a home.


 I can't stop her from leaving

Sunshine, blue sky, please go away
My girl has found another
Oh why didn't she stay
I gave her all the love
A man can give a woman
If she wants something else
I can't stop her from leaving

Because I tried
Because I cried
Because I did everything but die
I don't know why
She left me
And made my heart so cold and dark

Sunshine, blue sky, please go away
This radiance of heavenly light blue
Reminds me of you



Autumn has come over night
With all the colours and sadness
The leaves start falling slow
It brings a touch of loneliness
I walk out to the woods
And watch the nature die
The birds still singing cheerfully
Still flying up so high
The air is fresh and clear
Around me there is nobody I can hear
So quiet are the woods
I've forgotten all the bad moods

I walk on to the bridge I know
I've been there many times before
I look down to the river
That always flows so slow and calm
Right now it isn't the same
It's hard to hear a sound
Now I look up to the sky
That's filled with many clouds that are white
The sun is ready to sleep
Somewhere I hear little children weep
Might they be afraid of darkness
How I'm afraid of loneliness

I'm moving fast back to my home
There where I've lived for years on my own
First stars are with me on my way
To birds I talk: It has been nice today
Behind the hills the sun goes down
Soon looks the world dark all around
The nights are getting longer
And the winds they're blowing stronger
I wish I had someone
This empty room then would be warm
All pain would be over
Together we would walk in the rain